Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thumbs up, Puma! Let's find this handsome brown tabby his forever home...soon!

Today, Suellen Scott escorted Puma to Petline9 with Kirk Montgomery.

Puma is a domestic short hair brown Tabby, 9 years old. He is micro chipped, neutered, & vaccinated. He is looking for an indoor home with a lap. He loves attention and being petted. He is very active and like to chase toys. Puma has been to schools and nursing homes on behalf of his feline friends at CCS. Puma is special needs; he has a prescription diet due to his early stages of renal disease. He is available for Cat Care Society's Perpet-U-Care program. The Cat Clinic at CCS will provide $250 of services per year towards his medical care.

Visit Puma's profile at:

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It's Lavender Kitten Season at Cat Care Society; Don't Miss Out

Lavender Kittens!

The miniature version of Cat Care Society's popular Lavender Cats are back, but for a limited time only during Kitten Season 2014 at Meow Mart (located in the Cat Care Society shelter at 5787 W. 6th Avenue).

Don’t miss out. Each little handmade cat contains dried lavender blossoms grown in the Pacific Northwest. They’d love to sit on your desk, dresser, or windowsill, softly scenting your world and making you smile!

Lavender Kittens are $3 each Lavender Cats are $7 each or two for $12.

Our special thanks to Linda Langsted, adoption assistant and volunteer, who spearheads this wonderful project, now exceeding 500 sold!

Lakewood Pet Examiner: 'Elephant Bar supports Feasting for Felines'

Quoting from Carrie Dow's column:

"Both of the metro area’s Elephant Bar locations are supporting the cats at the Cat Care Society with a Feasting for Felines dine out event next Wednesday, April 16. Twenty percent of the day’s proceeds will go to the Cat Care Society.

The dining is from 11 AM to 10 PM next Wednesday. Guests must present this special Elephant Bar flyer to their server before ordering. Tax, gratuity, alcohol, merchandise and gift card purchases are not included in this offer. Elephant Bar offers global cuisine mixing together the best of Asia and the Americas together."
Link to

Thank you, Cat Care Society Volunteers, for 716 Years of Service!

Did you know: Cat Care Society may be 33 years old, but collectively our volunteer team has logged 716 years of service to help make CCS what it is today.

Thank you, Cat Care Society Volunteers. We appreciate you this week (Volunteer Appreciation Week in America) and every week for all you do!

Learn more about the CCS Volunteer Program:

Feasting For Felines Fundraiser at Denver Elephant Bars Wed April 16th

Denver's two Elephant Bar locations in Belmar and Greenwood Village will raise funds for Cat Care Society 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Wednesday, April 16, 2014.

Twenty percent of proceeds -- excluding tax, gratuity, alcohol, merchandise and/or gift cards -- go to Cat Care Society.

Just bring in this flyer and present it to your server for lunch or dinner.

Go to a to view the menu.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring The Seniors! - March 21 to June 20 at Cat Care Society

Barney, Bob, Braveheart, Brietta, Cirrus, Fiona, Frederick, Jasper, Krista, Lenny. Leo, Lucy, Macy, Maggie, Mango, Miles, Missy, Muggins, Ohms, Paisley, Rosie, Ruby, Sammie, Sue Sioux, Tara and Wind‐Up are ready to spring into their Forever Homes.

Let’s help them do it! March 21—June 20, 2014 

Adoption fees for senior kitties are flexible, like our cats, including our popular “Name Your Price” donation, introduced two years ago.

Kittens are cute, but they can be exhausting. Senior cats are not as demanding. They are less likely to climb the curtains or chew on things. Older cats will give you years of unconditional love, and you can give them the best years of their life.

If medical costs are a concern, don’t worry! If you adopt a cat 10 years or older from Cat Care Society, you are eligible for our Perpet‐U‐Care program, providing up to $250 worth of annual veterinary care at our clinic to offset medical costs. Learn more about Perpet-U-Care at

See all of Cat Care Society's adoptable cats:

Related coverage by Lakewood Pet Examiner Carrie Dow: "Spring arrives today, in just a few hours, and for many animal shelters around the country, an influx of cute and cuddly little kittens is about to arrive. Fortunately, kittens tend to find forever homes easily. Who couldn’t resist a cute little kitten? However, the folks at the Care Care Society in Lakewood would like to remind people that older cats also need to find permanent homes and in some cases these “seniors” make life much easier on the adopting families." Link to

More coverage March 24th by Denver Animal News Examiner John Davidson: "SPRING THE SENIORS - Through June 20, adoption fees for senior felines at the Cat Care Society are flexible, including the society's "Name Your Price" offer. If you adopt a cat 10 years or older.. you are eligible for the society's Perpet-U-Care program, providing up to $250 worth of annual veterinary care at the society's clinic to offset medical costs." Link to